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Defend your intellectual creations!

Copyright protects the rights of authors, artists and other creators of original works. It regulates the use, distribution and exploitation of these works.

Copyright forms the basis for the economic existence of artists and creative people from all sectors. Registration in an official register for copyright protection is neither necessary nor possible. This makes it all the more important to monitor the use of one’s own works and creations and to regulate their use in a legally secure manner via licences and agreements. Copyright law defines the rights and obligations of both authors and users. It protects intellectual creations and enables creators to decide on the use of their works and to earn from their use by third parties. No one may use, reproduce or distribute a work without the author’s permission.

Copyright is becoming increasingly important in the digital world. Works can often be copied quickly and easily by anyone without the consent of the copyright holder and distributed and exploited on the Internet. There are also questions arising from the creation of new content using artificial intelligence. Here, existing content from the Internet is used, even if it is protected by copyright.

Our law firm specialises in advising clients on all matters relating to copyright law. We help you to avoid copyright infringements, enforce your rights and represent you in and out of court. We are also a competent partner for the drafting of licence agreements and licence management, for exploitation and infringement issues, in particular against product pirates, and for defending against unjustified claims. We use AI-supported products to identify unauthorised use of copyrighted content on the Internet and to take automated action against it.

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Licence agreements

Regulate the use of your works with clear and legally secure licence agreements! Our experienced team formulates precise conditions for the use, duration, geographical scope and remuneration.

Licence management

Managing and monitoring licences ties up considerable resources. Our team of experts will take on these tasks for you. Our clients appreciate this service, especially in the area of software licences. This enables them to reduce costs and avoid legal consequences.

Exploitation and infringement issues

We support our clients in enforcing their copyrights in and out of court and in defending themselves against unjustified claims for injunctive relief or damages.

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