Intellectual property protection is highly relevant – for individual entrepreneurs, start-ups and global players.

Till Hendrik Pfeifer

Brands: My expertise ensures your success.

Daniel Treue, LL.M.

Creativity is needed to protect creativity. That’s what excites me about intellectual property law.

Katrin Kleyboldt, M.A., LL.M.

Protecting ideas and defending values – we know how vital this is for our clients.

Sandra Wellner

We defend and protect the innovations and creative achievements of our clients.

Nils Böhmer, LL.M.

Create a distinctive profile!

Trademarks and labels give products and services an “identity” – they give companies a distinctive profile and guide consumer decision-making.

The more significant the trademark relevance, the greater the risk of imitation. Trademark infringements and plagiarism are a major economic problem. The European Union Intellectual Property Office estimates that sales losses amount to billions.

With our experts in trademark and labelling law at your side, you will find the right solution to protect your intellectual property. Trademark law gives you the opportunity to intervene effectively in the event of infringements of property rights. Whether registering a trademark, protecting geographical indications of source, registering company names or work titles – we provide you with legally secure support for all relevant steps.

This also includes early searches in order to specifically avoid collisions with older trademark rights. For international trademark applications, we advise you on how you can efficiently use existing protection systems such as the EU trademark system or the Madrid trademark system. These systems allow you to protect your trademarks and labels in several countries in Europe or even worldwide.

Registered trademarks grant an exclusive right of use. This enables companies to set themselves apart from competitors. The promise of quality associated with a trademark builds consumer trust. In contrast to other industrial property rights, trademark protection is not limited in time, but is valid “forever” as long as the fees are paid. This makes it possible to establish a trademark in the long term.

Companies must actively monitor their trademarks in order to recognise and combat infringements by third parties at an early stage and thus avert damage. Our law firm has search tools at its disposal that detect trademark piracy or unfair competition both nationally and internationally.

In the event of trademark disputes – lawsuits, warnings or other legal disputes – you can rely on the expertise of our experienced attorneys in trademark law. Thanks to our international network of attorneys, we can also support you in cases of trademark infringement in other EU countries and internationally.

Our services

National and international trademark registration

We support you in registering trademarks nationally and internationally. Our experienced team of attorneys, in cooperation with experts from our international network, will provide you with comprehensive advice and ensure a smooth process. Protect your intellectual property and secure a competitive advantage with a professional trademark application.

Enforcement of trademarks and labelling rights in Germany and abroad

If your trademark rights are infringed, you can rely on the expertise of our attorneys. Whether on a national or international level, we are able to effectively defend your trademark rights worldwide and consistently prosecute infringements.

Searches and monitoring

Using advanced search tools, we support you with comprehensive searches and the monitoring of trademarks both nationally and internationally. This puts you in a position to recognise trademark infringements at an early stage and react effectively.

Defence against attacks on trademarks and labels

If you are warned or sued due to an infringement of trademark or labelling rights, we are at your side. We analyse the situation, develop a customised defence strategy and vigorously defend your interests.

Portfolio management

Our law firm supports you in the efficient management of your trademark portfolio – worldwide. We offer comprehensive advice and support in all aspects of trademark management, including the registration, monitoring and enforcement of your trademark rights.

Our specialists

Nils Böhmer, LL.M.


Alexander Brittner, LL.M.

Salary Partner, Attorney at Law

Jan Feiling


Norbert Gottschalk, LL.M.


Dr. rer. nat. Dominik Kieselbach

Patent attorney, graduate biologist

Katrin Kleyboldt, M.A., LL.M.


Leonard Krüger


Christina Ley, LL.M.


Till Hendrik Pfeifer

Salary Partner, Attorney at Law

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